Secondary Refining


As the founder and pioneer of RH refinning technology in China, we are specialized in design, supply of secondary refining equipment, undertakes project general contracting and makes research on new data mode of process technology. We have supplied 50 sets of RH equipment, 31 sets of LF, 39 sets of VD/VOD and offer lifetime technical services to our customers.

Vacuum pump system

Vacuum pump is the key equipment of vacuum refining device

In 1962, China's first steam jet vacuum pump laboratory was built up in our institute, based on a large number of experimental research, the technology level has reached the international advanced level. The unit steam consumption is less than 31kg/kg, the unit water consumption is less than 50m3/t. The unique computational model and design method have been developed in our institute. What’s more, the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump has exceeded 1500kg/h (at 67Pa) at present.

In 2012, the unique mechanical vacuum pump laboratory in China was established in our institute, after repeated experiment with a large amount of data analysis, the unique control technology and system design methods have been developed in our institute, which have been applied to practical engineering successfully.

RH refining


Natural decarbonization and forced decarbonization

Precise adjustment of composition and temperature

Improve cleanliness of liquid steel



      Founctions and applications:

VD:Vacuum degassing, argon stirring, alloy trimming, composition and temperature uniformity, inclusion removal; applicable for the production of bearing steel, alloy steel, high - quality carbon steel

VOD:Blowing oxygen decarburization, argon stirring, chemical heating, vacuum degassing, slag alloying; applicable for the production of stainless steel, pure iron, precision alloy, high temperature alloy steel and alloy structural steel.



EAF is one of the important methods by electric arc heating

           Temperature controlled, stage smelting, furnace atmosphere control, composition adjustment, producing high-quality steel with LF and VD

LF can be a buffer between the beginning furnace and the continuous casting machine

          Heating up temperature, composition adjustment, desulfurization, inclusion removal, meet multiple furnace continuous casting process



Vacuum degassing, inclusion remove, composition and temperature uniformity, vacuum casting molding

Blowing argon whole process, liquid steel composition and temperature uniformity, strengthening degassing

Suitable for steel which sensitive to hydrogen, oxygen and other gases, conduct protect casting, to avoid secondary oxidation

Reduce non-metallic inclusions and crystallization segregation

Typical Projects