Continuous Casting

Based on international technological frontier and major needs of industry development, we are researching on fundamental, key and common technologies to develop complete set of continuous casting machine with constant innovation capability. We have supplied and renovated around 80 sets of slab casters in total of 101-strands, 17 sets of bloom/round casters in total of 79-strands, 35 sets of billet casters in total of 89-strands, as well as 14 sets of slab casters in total of 30-strands which were jointly designed with foreign partners. In addition, we undertook over 70 scientific research projects.


Wide and heavy slab caster

Round/Bloom caster

Beam blanks caster

Billet caster

Vertical casting

Thin-slab caster

Optimal design of roller arrangement such as accurate continuous bending, continuous straightening curve and fine roller dense arrangement

Mould electric & hydraulic online thermal width modulation technology

Multi-model controlled non-sinusoidal hydraulic oscillation technology

Smart segment controlled by servo proportional valve and switch valve

Mould thermal imaging expert system

Dynamic soft reduction, dynamic secondary cooling water and secondary cooling water hydraulic stepless cutting technology

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Typical Projects