Environmental solutions

We are professional at flue gas dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification, gas cleaning and recovery and residual heat recovery. We have built up the base laboratory for technical development in environmental protection. The base laboratory is equipped with a sophisticated facilities necessary for the test, analysis and research upon the key technology applied to steelmaking. A great deal of de-dusting devices have been delivered to customers, including those used for a  quantity of the national major projects. We have supplied around 55 of converter gas dry cleaning and recovering systems, 183 sets of converter gas wet electrostatic precipitator, 70 of gas dedusting, de-sulphuration and de-nitration systems and 9 sets of wet electrostatic precipitator used for CCM scarfing machine.

Electrostatic space cleaner super (ESCS) dedusting and gas de-sulphuration system for headstock of sintering machine

GTD electrostatic precipitator and bag duster system for tail stock of sintering machine

Horizontal electrostatic precipitator of SDB wet plate for recovering converter gas

Converter gas dry cleaning and recovering system

Converter gas semi-dry cleaning and recovering system

Wet electrostatic precipitator for wet gas after de-sulphuration

GTD & GD electrostatic precipitator and gas de-sulphuration system for boiler of power station

GD electrostatic precipitator used for cement, chemical and non-ferrous industries

Gas dedusting, de-sulphuration and de-nitration system for glass kiln

Larger bag duster for electric furnace and ladle furnace

WSDB wet electrostatic precipitator used for scarfing machine