Heavy Forging & Extrusion

We are specialized in design, development and general contracting of forging and extrusion equipment, providing the clients the integrated, efficient and energy-saving solutions from feasibility study report preparing, technological process, plant design to equipment supply.


Aluminium Extrusion Press

Application and Function:

The Aluminium extrusion press is used for the direct or indirect extrusion of aluminium and aluminium alloy section, tubes and bars;

l Direct and indirect, section/tube extrusion series of extrusion press, including short stroke front/back loading and long stroke structural style.


Aluminum Extrusion Press Handling System

Application and Function

Pulling, quenching, cooling, conveying, stretching, cutting, inspecting and stacking extruded aluminum profile;

All series of press handling system, including: double puller, combined quench, roller lead-out table, roller run out table, cooling table, stretcher feeding table, inline stretcher, batching table and roller table, final cut saw, saw gauge table and take-away belt, stacking system and matched hydraulic and electrical system.


Off-line Stretcher

Application and Function

Off-line stretcher is mainly used for giant aluminum and aluminum alloy profile, tubes and bars stretching;

Provide 0.6 MN~24 MN off-line stretcher machine and technology.


Aluminum Profile Straighter

Application and Function

Profile straighter Machine is mainly used for eliminating profile flaring and angle after extruding or stretching;

Provide 500~1100 profile straighter machine and technology.

Typical Projects