Yongda Pipe Industry Ф180mm Quenching Equipment Transformation Project Was Put into Production Successfully

December 06,2021

  On July 12, the Ф180mm steel pipe quenching device renovation project of Nantong Yongda Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Yongda Pipe Industry") supplied by Sino-heavymach passed the completion acceptance and was put into production. 

  The original quenching device in Yongda Pipe Industry has been in service for many years with problems such as high failure rate, large noise, complex equipment condition and great difficulty in transformation. In the process of project implementation. Sino-heavymach attached great importance and went to the construction site many times to communicate with the employee of Yongda Pipe Industry about apparatus design. During the on-site commissioning phase, the member of the project worked continuously for 24 hours and cooperated closely with relevant parties. Finally, the hot and cold test of the equipment was successful one time and the equipment was put into trial production smoothly.  

  Before the end of acceptance, accumulatively thousands of tons of products of various specifications have been pilot produced by the equipment and the quality of product, production efficiency and equipment stability have been significantly improved compared with those before the transformation. All the indicators have reached or exceeded the design expectations, contributing to the upgrading of Yongda's pipe products, expansion of new fields and improvement of market competitiveness and laying a more solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between Sino-heavymach and Yongda Pipe Industry.