Three Scientific and Technological Achievements of Sino-heavymach Won the Science and Technology Award of China Machinery Industry

December 02,2021

  Recently, the China Machinery Industry Federation announced the 2021 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award winners list and Sino-heavymach won three awards for scientific research achievements. The "R&D and application of key post-processing equipment and core production technology of high-end metal plate and strip" presided over by Sino-heavymach won the first prize in the category of scientific and technological progress. The "Development and application of high-performance, low-energy-consumption and heavy-duty servo hydraulic cylinder and its system" won the second prize in the category of scientific and technological progress. And the "Key Technology and Engineering Application of 800MN Large Die Forging Press" participated by Sino-heavymach won the grand prize in the category of scientific and technological progress. 

  " R&D and application of key post-processing equipment and core production technology of high-end metal plate and strip "pioneered the integrated design of the whole process of post-processing technology and key equipment technology, solved the problems of various materials and large thickness span of plate and strip in the finishing process, realized the efficient, stable and continuous production of multiple processes in a production line. It developed the adjustment mechanism for the overlapping amount of high-precision circle shear and lateral clearance and the control system for setting technology and the reversing clearance compensation of high-precision mechanical equipment. It established the shearing process database based on the expert system and big data support, meeting the requirements of different specifications of plate and strip for shear quality. It developed the comprehensive control technology for edge quality, plate shape and surface quality in the metal plate and strip finishing process, realizing the fine control of strip shape, surface quality and edge quality in the whole process of finishing . 

  The successful R & D, promotion and application of the project broke the situation that China's high-end finishing equipment and technology had been monopolized by foreign manufacturers for a long time, solved the crucial technical problem restricting the independent development of China's automobile industry, UHV power transmission, transformation industry and other industries to high-end, realized the localization of high-quality automobile outer plate, high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel and other high-end metal plates and belts. It has promoted industrial upgrading, structural optimization and met the major strategic needs of China's high-end manufacturing industry in various fields. 

  A series of innovative achievements of the project of "Development and Application of High Performance, Low Energy Consumption and Heavy Duty Servo Hydraulic Cylinder and Its System" have successfully solved the problems of the functions of high performance flexible working conditions based on digital analog control and the connection technology of user field data through industrial Internet. It plays a crucial role in promoting the upgrading of mechanical equipment, the optimization of high-quality products and the intelligentization of production lines. The invention solves the problem that the servo hydraulic cylinder and its system are the key core equipment for producing high value-added billets in the field of continuous casting, and provides technical support for the development of modern high-end continuous casting with independent intellectual property rights in our country. The technical achievement has been successfully applied in many major continuous casting projects in our country and it also has been exported along with the project, which is significantly enhanced the core technical independence, international influence and product competitiveness of domestic complete sets of equipment.