Sino-heavymach Was Awarded the Title of "China Baowu Excellent Supply Chain Partner"

December 06,2021

  Recently, the first supplier conference and Green Wisdom Supply Chain Forum was held in Shanghai Golden Hearth Iron and Steel Expo Center. Sino-heavymach was invited to attend the meeting as an excellent supply chain partner of China Baowu. 

  During the session, China Baowu selected 50 excellent partners from nearly 7000 suppliers, who had contributed to the operation and construction of China Baowu. Relying on excellent technical R&D and comprehensive service capabilities as well as positive contributions to the construction and development of China Baowu, Sino-heavymach won the "Excellent Supply Chain Partner Award" awarded by China Baowu. 

  As the most competitive iron and steel enterprises in China, China Baowu has been actively promoting the restructuring and integration of China's iron and steel in recent years and committed to becoming a practitioner, model and leader of green and low-carbon development. The supplier conference held by China Baowu aims to share cutting-edge technologies and experiences with supply chain partners in steel ecosphere, expand cooperation space, break the growth boundary and jointly build, govern, share and integrate the supply chain ecological cooperation system. 

  As an excellent service provider and sincere partner of China Baowu, Sino-heavymach has been cooperating closely with China Baowu for a long time. In July 2021, Sino-heavymach signed a new strategic cooperation agreement with Ouye Industrial Products Co., Ltd.  (under the jurisdiction of China Baowu), further clarifying key cooperation matters such as supply chain management of heavy equipment, scenario-based construction of metallurgical equipment, ecological transaction service cooperation and the international expansion of heavy equipment, opening up a new beginning for both sides to further deepen friendship, expand space and seek common development. 

  As a crucial link of advanced equipment supply service in the iron and steel industry chain, Sino-heavymach will focus on the major strategic needs of the China and the key points of the iron and steel industry, base on forward-looking key complete sets of technical equipment, continuously deepen the cooperation with China Baowu and make contributions to the construction of high-quality iron and steel ecospher.